by Mike B.

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released September 2, 2014

Special Thanks to:
Matt "LO_DEF" Merisola
Thadxeus White
Mark Watson
Enyo Kim
Leonard "Tunnel No. 5" Lee
David "Yungin" Kim
Leland Aleem Fakir
Yoshi Tabata
Robert Lawrence
Parker (Dumboundead)
Julia Harriman
Asal Hazel
Tom "Neezy" Ngo
Camille Ramirez
Julian Le
John "Qudoe" Lee
Michael Head
Troy Geechi
Johnny "One Thought"
My 3F's (Friends, Family, & Fans)



all rights reserved


Mike B. Los Angeles, California



- TWENTY04 (2014)

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Welcome to the Twenty04.. Welcome to that Twenty04..
Welcome to that Twenty04..
Whippin' in my '07 Honda.. Whippin' in my '07..

Verse 1:
I remember back in '06, used to ride around to old shit
Biggie, Jay, Pac, Nas, banged that Bone Thugs shit
Brothers i grew up with, I call my associates
Hung around the thugs, that moved drugs and even sold shit

I didn't love it but i'm guilty of it too
Food stamps wasn't cutting i was forced to make it through
So me and patna' from back in the day
asked me how much more money can you stack in day?

Cause I'm sick of no rent, no food, nightmares from '02
Papa wasn't round, mama working up at whole foods
Money hungry OD'd, learned to pitch from OG's
Riding on my scooter, after-school to pick up OZs

I chose school, u took a different route
My man he chose the hood and never seemed to make it
He was caught up in the game, product of the pain
Getting accustomed to the change but we was brought all the same

Now I'm writing rhymes while he writes from his cell
I'm sitting here seeing life through his mail
uh, look I'm writing rhymes while he writes from his cell
I'm sitting here seeing life through his mail

And he's tellin' me that I got this..
I tell him that I got this..

Verse 2:
I remember back in 09, I was still up on my same shit
Wayne shit, Ma$e hits, was all up on that playlist
Slum Ville, Little Brother, other motivations
Had me Dropping out of college, graduating to that 'Ye shit

My mama worried sick about the path that I chose
I'm 25 pants saggin, and i'm rapping at shows
I'm out drinking every week instead of stacking up dough
Resembin' pop like features how i'm mackin' at hoes

I'm passionate tho, making sure before the casket is closed
I want million records and go platinum or gold
She told me, Get ya bachelor's, your MBA
Ma, I'm tryna' make money like I'm in the NBA

I used to envy these kids up on MTV Cribs
So I got Lo on that MPC quick,
From Recording in the closet to cashin' out deposits
from my 9 to 5, put into my 5 to 9

Working days around the clock, attitude grind or die
No days off until I sign the dot, I swear to god mama I'm..
The greatest my city has ever see
But for now we'll just agree to disagree
and i tell her that I Got this..

Man I got this..
I got this..
I tell em that I got this..
Platinum Standard, no less..

Verse 1:
When I drop in, I want them bottles popping
I want weekends at rodeo with a different model shopping
Man I told my haters wait till the day I get it poppin'
Till im roof top chillen and Resort up on a island
See my girl, see my girl, yea she styling on you hoes
Have yo girl come out and watch us shut down all these shows
Tryna Travel round the globe, spending weeks in different cities
Plus the music that we make attracting freaks with bigger titties
Please excuse the grammar, I'm racking up these commas
And i put it on my mama, Ima live up to my promise
So when I roll thru keep that bottle on ice
Ball till we fall, we ain't worried bout the price

Until im Globally known in every city I Rome
Until I'm showered by women and they blow up my phone
Until im Driven by a shulfur and im privately flown
Until I'm Worldwide I just let it be known
Until im Globally known in every city I Rome
Until I'm showered by women and they blow up my phone
Until im Driven by a shulfur and im privately flown
Until I'm Worldwide I just let it be known

Bitch Im good I'm good, Bitch I'm good yea yea
Bitch Im good I'm good, Bitch I'm good yea yea
Bitch Im good I'm good, Bitch I'm good yea yea
And I can't wait till I'm on and.. Wait till I'm on and gone

Verse 2:
I Can't wait till I'm selling out these venues when people recommend you
And those who second guessed you are now starting to commend you
Future Million dollar meetings To Attend to Stacking
til I can have anything i want up on the menu
Im Ballin on my opponents I think I deserve an espy
Bring em on I put em On skates gretsky, king shit
Knowing that u the hardest to do it repping the city
So when my names not brought in circles it don't offend me
Man Im busy plotting with my team, focused on these milestones
im harder to reach now Haters getting Dial tones
Blowing up my IPhone deleting all ya Messages
I could give a fuck about opinions what yo preference is
Verse 1:
I came to trouble yall Still yelling fuck em all
Public relations Speculations man i duck em all
Im blazing Hottest asian Since the Double R
So now these agents see the money Tryna get involved
Didn't get to start watched the games from the sidelines
Studied the tapes and kept my faith till it was my time I
And now it Came now I reign for the pennant uhh
it's funny how the tables change HUH innit?
Aint nothing changed still the same since the 3rd grade
Shout out my mama no idea what this bird layed
Beautiful loser i Give a fuck if you feel me
Yall Can Try and come and kill me ill resurrect on the 3rd day
Korean Jesus Getting money's the thesis
I Got em all puzzled i Put together the pieces
Even Back in grade school i was plotting out in my Recess
And kept daydreamin of gettin in with my Teachers
Multi million dollar meetings with Oracle
She told me that i hold the key to be Historical
Mind body and soul the holy trinity within me
Repenting in advance Lord forgive me

Verse 2:
And I ain't even reach my pinnacle yet
Mix a little Bruce lee and PAC and this what you'll get
Yea Everybody fucking knows that I'm a critical threat
Flying over they heads like a fucking cadette
Earned my respect, sucked it up, and I stuck with the script
Played with whichever hand was given I was cut from the deck
These hoes wonder asking questions why I walk with a limp?
Why I parking lot pimped, couldn't dunk but I sparked up them gyms
Get em off me, ballin, cross em Jamal Crawf em
Humiliate who's hating make them crawl up in they coffins
Fly as my attire and I rightfully claim
That's the reason my past dames wanna carry my last name
God my only standard make Nothing but Platinum
My competition I drop em I have em waiting for sirens
You Lames Thinking u funny, buncha Conan O'briens
I ain't even prime yet It's only matter of timing
Till the worlds in hand And i hold the belt like Orion
Aligning my constellation, Replacing my stars with diamonds
Shining Pressing all these thoughts into my coal mind
Tuxed up show time Pressed up go time