Crossover (Prod. by Enyo & Lo_Def)

by Mike B.

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I came to trouble ya'll still yelling fuck em all
Public relations speculations man I duck em all
I'm blazing, hottest asian since the Double R
So now these agents see the money tryna get involved
Didn't get to start, watched the games from the sidelines
Studied the tapes and kept my faith till it was my time
And now it came now I reign for the pennant uhh
It's funny how the tables change HUH innit? uhh
A'int nothing changed still the same since the 3rd grade
Shout out my mama no idea what this bird layed
Beautiful loser i give a fuck if you feel me
Ya'll Can try and come and kill me ill resurrect on the 3rd day
Korean Jesus, getting money's the thesis
I got em all puzzled i put together the pieces
Even back in grade school i was plotting out in my recess
And kept day dreamin' of gettin' in with my teachers
Multi-million dollar meetings with Oracle
She told me that i hold the key to be historical
Mind, body, and soul the holy trinity within me
Repenting up in advance Lord forgive me

Mfucka, And I ain't even reach my pinnacle yet
Mix a little Bruce lee and PAC and this what you'll get
Yea everybody fucking Knows that I'm a critical threat
Flying over they heads like a fucking Cadette
Earned my respect sucked it up and I stuck with the script
Played with whichever hand was oven I was cut from the deck
These hoes wonder asking questions why I walk with a limp?
Why I Parking lot pimped? Couldn't dunk but I sparked up them gyms
Hey get em off me, Ballin' cross em, Jamal Crawf em
Humiliate who's hating make them crawl up in they coffins
Fly as my attire man I rightfully claim
That's the reason my past dames wanna carry my last name
God, my only standard make nothing but PLATINUM
My competition I drop em I have em waiting for sirens
You lames thinking u funny, buncha Conan O'Briens
I ain't even prime yet It's only matter of timing
Till the worlds in hand and i hold the belt like Orion
Aligning my constellations, replacing my stars with diamonds
Shining, pressing all these thoughts into my coal mind
Tuxed up Show Time, Pressed up Go time


released 10 December 2013
Produced by: Enyo Kim & Matt "Lo_Def" Merisola
Mixed by: Matt "Lo_Def" Merisola"
Artwork by: Jess Kim



all rights reserved


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